Bow fenders-marina fenders BF 3/30

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  • Colour:

    • 10920100330
    • FOLDABLE bow fenders, Handy to use, handy to stow.
    • approx. 300*160*30mm.
    Bow fenders - marina Fenders BF 3/30 Bow fenders - marina fenders protects your boat... more
    Product information "Bow fenders-marina fenders BF 3/30"

    Bow fenders - marina Fenders BF 3/30

    Bow fenders - marina fenders protects your boat from damage, e.g. when entering the mooring. On the side flaps, the mooring fenders can be easily fixed by a strip. The boat fenders protects by integrated Protector mats, also a stronger impact. seaEQ bow fenders protects against damage to a sinking anchor, or an clearing anchor. The foldable boat fenders can be stowed away excellent.


    • the thick and very firm filling will limit and dampen the blow of an impact.
    • foldable construction.
    • with integrated PROTECTOR stripes.


    seaEQ - bow fenders BF are made of a tear resistant and very durable polyester fabric. The marina fenders has a PVC-coating on the side of the boat. After season please store in a dark place for longer lasting colour.

    The seaEQ-FENDER-Systems are handy, flexible and can be used time and time again.

    Made in Germany

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