Pile fenders - mooring pole fenders PF 25/80

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    Pile: Choose the lenght of lashing strap PFS:

    For round and square piles.

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    • Installation of the pile mooring fenders is very easy. Assembing WITHOUT tools. Choose the good PFS-Fender-Lashing-Strap!
    • Dimensions: 400*800*20mm. 10 * 31 * 1 inch.
    Pile fenders - piling fenders - pile mooring fenders: The seaEQ pile mooring fenders are... more
    Product information "Pile fenders - mooring pole fenders PF 25/80"

    Pile fenders - piling fenders - pile mooring fenders:

    The seaEQ pile mooring fenders are the boat fenders that protects your boat from damages from mooring poles. The boat will NOT be STOPPED if your boat get in contact with the piling fenders, the boat slides along the pile fenders. This keeps the boat fully controllable. Assembling from mooring fenders is very easy, WITHOUT tools. The marina fenders will keep your boat protected.

    Excellent boat fenders for your own berth or your holiday berth.

    The heavy, highly tear-resistant polyester fabric ensures a long life of the fender. Upon contact, the seaEQ pile fender let your boat slide and does not slow it down. Thus, in the case of a touch, the boat does not stop across and remains manoeuvrable. The PE core provides contact damping when touched.

    There are seaEQ-pile fenders in 3 different colours and they can be easily attached to round and square pile with 3 fender lashing straps - with Hook'n Loop System.

    There is the seaEQ-pile fender in the following dimensions:

    PF 40/80 (400 * 800), WIDE and HIGH for large dolphins with large water level change in the harbor.
    PF 40/60 (400 * 600), WIDTH for large dolphins with LOW water level change in the harbor.
    PF 25/80 (250 * 800), the NARROW and HIGH for small dolphins with great water level change in the harbor.

    Optimal protection for your yacht.
    When practicing something may go wrong.
    Easy construction. No tools needed. It does not have to be screwed or drilled.

    The seaEQ pile fender is made of highly tear-resistant, heavy polyester fabric. The side facing the piles is PVC-coated. The core is made of a special PE foam.
    The Dalben fender is completely bordered with PP straps. The Fender straps are also made of PP and are equipped with a high-quality VELCRO Hook'n Loop system. The fender lashing straps be stretched over PET rods.
    To preserve the colours longer, store them protected from sunlight after the season.

    aeaEQ's PF-FENDERSystem do not contain any metall parts.

    seaEQ FENDERSystems are easy to handle, flexible to use and extremely sturdy.

    Made in Germany.

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