About us


Water sports are passion, enthusiasm
and an attitude to life.
For this fascination we work with heart and mind.


An idea prevails. The question is always "how are things getting better, easier and more elegant?"
In this way, products have been created in recent years that are now ours
Inspire customers throughout Europe and make your hobby more beautiful and practical.


                                                             An idea became a brand


The products you will find here are developed, tested and produced by us. We come from the water sports and live and love him. Our product developments arise from our own experiences and wishes.

"How does a product have to work and look like

that I buy and use it? "

This question is always the focus of our product development. We listen and read what our customers say and write about us and our products, and we ask. This knowledge flows into our development and provides products that make our shared hobby and our sport even more beautiful.


Products like we can imagine, only with the right raw materials and
produced under constant development and control.
Therefore, we use the highest quality raw materials for our products
process only in Germany.
This is how seaEQ comes into being "Made in Germany".