fender hanger-fender line FRC-FR

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    • Fender hangers.
    Fender clips - fender hangers with fender line FRC-FR: The seaEQ fender clip FRC with... more
    Product information "fender hanger-fender line FRC-FR"

    Fender clips - fender hangers with fender line FRC-FR:

    The seaEQ fender clip FRC with fender line FR is practical and safe: Flat boat fenders are quickly positioned, variably adjustable and easily attached to the railing. The fender line is inserted from the front into the lower opening in the fender clip and returned through the upper opening. Adjust the fender line to the correct length, guide it around the fender clip and secure. The flat boat fenders hangs horizontally on the railing. For permanent use, fix the end of the fender lines additionally to the rail to secure the boat fender. For fender lines up to 8mm thickness.

    The Fender clip is made of a heavy PVC, additionally reinforced edge.
    Feinder lines of Seilflechter with prefabricated loop. Color code: orange / gray

    Made in Germany

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