marine shade sails - sun shades WS 350

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  • seaEQ sun shades, perfect sun protection. NO METAL PARTS.
  • Dimensions: 2,6m * 3m. Weight: 3000g.
sun shade shade sails WS 350 The marine shade sails seaEQ-Weather-Sail WS 300 for the boat,... more
Product information "marine shade sails - sun shades WS 350"

sun shade shade sails WS 350

The marine shade sails seaEQ-Weather-Sail WS 300 for the boat, offers you the perfect sun protection, rain protection and wind protection. The sun shade from seaEQ ensures privacy for you in the marina. The sun protection can be easily mounted. Depending on the weather, the cover is attached to the cleats or the railing. Through its loops, the sunscreen can be taken in any direction. The sun shade can be folded small and is easy to stow. The rain protection and wind protection also tight in heavy rain. WITHOUT ANY METAL PARTS.

The lightweight and tear-resistant polyester fabric ensures long life of the seaEQ Weather-Sails. And that with little weight and small pack size.


The seaEQ Weather-Sails are available in the following dimensions:

    WS 300 white: White Rectangular sail, 3m * 2.6m, 2500g
    WS 350 white: White Rectangular sail, 3m * 3,5m, 3000g
    WS 270 white: White triangular sail, width: 3m, height: 3,36m, 1300g


    Large-area protection from any weather.
    Driving rain!
    Perfect privacy (e.g., privacy in the harbor).
    Great look.
    Very elaborate and high quality processed.
    Easy attachment on board.
    Super stable with low weight and small pack size.


The seaEQ Weather-Sails are made of solid, one-side coated polyester fabric. The edge is completely milled around with PP strap. Sewn in the edge are in the tips of stable polyester straps and in the sides are additionally sewn polyester straps. NO METAL PARTS!
To keep the colors longer, storing protected from sunlight after the season.

seaEQ-OnDECKSystems are easy and flexible to use and extremely robust.

Made in Germany

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23 Jul 2019

Tolles Sonnensegel - Hält was es verspricht

Wir sind in der zweiten Saison und immer noch begeistert. Wir hatten uns zuvor schon viele Gedanken gemacht, wie wir selbst etwas machen können. Der ausschlaggebende Punkt für dieses Produkt war für uns die Aussparung für die Dirk, was hier optimal gelöst ist. Bei einer B31 ist das notwendig um genügend Sonnenschutz zu erreichen. Die Qualität macht einen sehr guten Eindruck.
Bisher haben wir es nur als Sonnenschutz genutzt. Über Wind und Regen können wir noch nicht urteilen.

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